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February 2, 2023


A question for Neil Mitchell....

In Victoria there are still vaccine mandates preventing firefighters from returning to work. Why? Nobody is really sure. What happened recently on NSW radio should raise some questions…

On 2GB with Ben Fordham, the NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet stated there is no place and no evidence that there needs to be requirements for vaccine mandates in Fire and Rescue NSW. He also added that he doesn’t see how a vaccine mandate is appropriate in areas of Fire and Rescue NSW. (listen below)

However ridiculous given the circumstances at the moment that an organisation such as Fire and Rescue NSW still have vaccine mandates in place, Fire Rescue Victoria have also left firefighters stood down for over 15 months with their own mandates.

In NSW, the Premier was surprised that Fire and Rescue NSW still had a mandate in place after he had made it clear in July of 2021 that all mandates should end. 

So this begs us to ask the question: “Who is making the decisions regarding vaccine mandates for Victoria’s Firefighters? Is it Daniel Andrews, or is it the Fire Rescue Victoria Commissioner? 

Maybe someone should ask why Fire Rescue Victoria professional firefighters can work in integrated stations with CFA volunteer firefighters who are not required to be vaccinated?

Let that sink in for a second. For volunteer firefighters in Victoria, Covid-19 isn’t treated in the same way as for professional firefighters. 

Where are the risk assessments deeming this reasonable, or even necessary?

Not only do these firefighters need answers, but so do the communities these firefighters have spent their whole firefighting careers serving. 

A question some may ask is why didn’t they just get the vaccine? 

Many Firefighters — who are been trained to assess dangers and risks on the in the heat of the moment — determined that there was no risk benefit surrounding these trial vaccines that don’t stop transmission or infection. 

Or maybe it was the 99.95% Covid-19 infection survival rate for ages 18-49 that came from the CDC’s own statistics as early as March 2021!

Combine this with extensive information around adverse reactions that was withheld by Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers  — The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) was ordered by a U.S. Federal court in Texas to release thousands upon thousands of pages of documentation relating to the Pfizer vaccine, after attempts to conceal very concerning information until the year 2076!

In the UK, Andrew Bridgen, MP,  stated that with the UK data revelations, it is no wonder the UK Government went back on their decision to recommend boosters to anyone under the age of 50. The data he said showed that in the age group of 40-49 year olds you would need to boost almost 1 million people to prevent 1 hospitalisation

So now, with the spotlight surrounding NSW after Ben Fordham of 2GB calling out the NSW Premier, the question is: 

“Will Neil Mitchell from 3AW call out the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and his government to end the mandate-madness in Victoria?”.

Enough is enough… Neil Mitchell, will you be the one from Victoria who puts your common sense hat on and calls out Daniel Andrews’ government?


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