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MAR 21, 2023

Peta Credlin interviews Josh Hawkes & Andrew Hughes

FEB 27, 2023

Perrotet: "Vaccines DO NOT Stop transmission..."

NSW Premier Perrotet once again ‘makes it clear’ that vaccine mandates shouldn’t be in place….

FEB 7, 2023

Australian Medical Professionals' Society Conference - AFA's Josh Hawkes guest speaker

AFA Directors attended the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society Conference “Australia’s response to Covid” — Where our AFA Victorian Director Joshua Jawkes delivered a heartfelt and confronting speech on the experience of Firefighters that continue to be denied work due to their choice to not subject themselves to experimental Covid-19 injections.

See AFA Director Josh Hawkes at 1:37:30

FEB 6, 2023

Chris Kenny interviews Steve McDonald & Josh Hawkes

JAN 31, 2023

Perrotet called out to end mandates on 2GB's Ben Fordham Live

JAN 19, 2023

Mark Latham weighs in on 2GB with Ben Fordham

JAN 18, 2023

AFA Director Steve McDonald on 2GB with Ben Fordham