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terms and conditions

Membership Terms & Conditions

membership terms and conditions:

  • All member registration is done online via the website,
  • You will be sent an email with your user ID and password, which then allows you access to
    the website.

Membership: – Australian professional Firefighters
limited to NSW, VIC, QLD and WA only at this stage (EMAIL US DIRECT IF YOU ARE FROM SA/TAS/NT)

– cost $375

Membership includes the pursuit of legal action and advocacy in accordance with the relevant stated
charitable purposes set down in the AFA constitution.

Membership is for all Australian professional firefighters who support the vision and objectives of
AFA. The cost of membership includes the following components.

  1. A guarantee which allows you to participate in the workings and charitable activities of the
  2. Contribution for company costs, including website, logo design and my cause
  3. Legal action and advocacy as outlined below. (*)

Membership requires payment using the Bank account details below and on the website:

Membership, legal advocacy and action, and set up costs – $375

Account name: Australian Firefighters Alliance
BSB: 325-185
Account no: 03883956 (personal donations account)
Reference: 1st Initial, last name

(*)The AFA, in consultation with their instructing solicitor will be taking action in opposing vaccine mandates and other directions. There are legal costs, including solicitors that will be incurred as part of this process. As part of the AFA membership fee, there is a supporting contribution (“commitment to cause”) of $375 each required, with any unused funds remaining in the Solicitors trust account for further legal action.

This is a national legal initiative on behalf of professional firefighter’s Australia wide, with funds being managed and distributed at the sole discretion of the directorship of the Australian Firefighters Alliance Ltd, under the commercial guidance of the appointed legal team.

All other legal avenues that the AFA decide to take on behalf of its members will be as a result of the ongoing guidance from their legal team.

NB: Any other personal donations made by members after this time to fund the current legal action, will be purely voluntary and at the discretion of each member and only made after consultation with the legal team at each stage of the process. It is the company’s intention, that the “my cause” fundraising will provide the bulk of any further legal costs incurred.

Steve McDonald
AFA Director